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One man's vision...


Two seat, mid-engine, lightweight, high tech, GT coupés employing latest technologies and components in an advanced composite chassis with an aerodynamic and elegantly aggressive body. High-powered light weight V8 engines for extreme performance AND flexibility in traffic and around town.Power to weight ratio (dependent on specification) exceeds 280Kw per tonne/340 bhp per ton. Designed to be the highest-performance US road-legal car, with air conditioning and electric windows, yet capable of track-day use and serious competition with minimum modification and upgrades. Planned for long-term, high quality, low-volume production, with a high level of customer service, to maintain build quality, customer satisfaction, exclusivity of ownership and the opportunity to customise each car to reflect the owner’s tastes and individuality. Supporting private racing teams to provide continuous development through competition.


  • Take one light weight, high strength advanced composite mid-engine chassis.

  • Add the most efficient and highest power-to-weight engines in the automotive world.

  • Mix in a precision, fully adjustable suspension and steering package.

  • Season with superb driver ergonomics.

  • Pour over an exquisitely proportioned, aerodynamically efficient carbon-fibre body.

  • Hand-prepare with passion.

Driver Ergonomics

With a car of this performance, it is even more important that the driver can situate himself both in comfort and in full control of all functions.Seats can be individually specified and, in conjunction with the seat harness, hold the driver and passenger firmly and well-supported in the seat, torso and shoulder areas. Additionally the steering wheel, pedals and seats are fully adjustable, instrumentation is designed to be easy to see and use, and switches are close to hand.

Bodywork and Chassis



A full set of moulded and autoclaved carbon-fibre bodywork, Kevlar® reinforced for resistance to abrasion and impact damage where required, is employed to provide a high-strength, light weight and heat-resistant aerodynamic envelope. A full-length underbody starts with a pitch-stabilising front underwing shape and ends in a rear venturi which produces downforce, while the side and upper surfaces are sculpted to reduce drag and assist airflow over the car to the rear wing, balance the handling and provide directional stability at speed.


Carbon Composite Monococque Chassis


Mosler is unique in its utilisation of aerospace-certified, carbon-fibre skinned aluminium honeycomb composite panels, laser cut and bonded together to form an efficient core structure that results in a much lighter, stiffer, and stronger chassis. Additionally, substantial, thick and impact-absorbing aluminium honeycomb ‘blocks’ are fitted each side of the chassis as an additional safety measure.Tests carried out in the USA as part of the MT900’s stringent US certification process produced rollover results that exceeded anything the official testing agency had previously experienced. In its racing form, where exactly the same chassis is employed (with the addition of a mandatory safety cage, also fitted to the SGT), numerous trophies testify to the performance capabilities and its safety record shows the road car design objectives have been more than exceeded.



Engine and Transmission



No automotive engine in history has achieved as much success and received as much continuous development as the legendary Chevrolet ‘small-block’ V8. Its current 5.7 litre LS6 configuration is proudly installed in the MT900S, and with aluminium cylinder block and heads is extremely light weight and produces masses of torque and horsepower while remaining completely docile and driveable about town. It is also extremely reliable, low-maintenance and economical, and all the while complying with the strictest emissions regulations on the planet (California’s).The supercharged version in the Mosler MT900SC just gives more of everything, while remaining tractable and deceptively smooth.




The gearbox/final drive transaxle is a modified Getrag 6-speed all-synchromesh unit. For the hardcore extremist, the MT900SGT offers a 7.0 litre dry-sumped, hand-assembled Corvette LS7 engine and sequential shift Hewland 6 speed competition gearbox – a combination that turns every drive into a practice session.

Suspension, Steering & Brakes



All Moslers utilise the classic all-round double wishbone layout that continues to have no equal. The numerous pole positions and wins on race tracks around the world are testimony to the benefits of the suspension system, the mid-engine configuration, and the many hours spent on test track, dynamic rig and the road aimed at giving secure, confident handling, ultimate traction and a compliant ride.




The steering geometry and ratio have similarly been developed to provide very precise and quick response, carefully weighted to allow the driver to continuously feel the available grip.




Very large ventilated discs (ceramic-coated for the SGT) and calipers can consistently haul the car down from impressive speeds without fade or instability.

Production Facilities

All Mosler MT900 cars are hand-assembled to order in the Cambridgeshire UK production facility within Rollcentre Racing. This exclusivity allows a bespoke element of each car’s specification to be incorporated from inception.While we encourage owners to maintain the proven mechanical package and one of the three powertrain variants specified, numerous details and options are open to individual choice. These include personal seat fittings, re-sighting of controls, a complete cockpit fit-out, steering wheel and gearshift options, all paint colours, a selection of 19 and 20 inch diameter road wheels (including carbon-fibre construction), items such as sat-nav and a variety of audio systems. During build, a process of inspection is carried out and each finished car is road-tested, subjected to the mandatory government-body Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) examination and is required to be physically signed-off post PDI before handover to the new owner, who is welcome to collect direct from the factory and take his first drive accompanied by a Mosler representative to ensure all individual comfort and convenience issues are addressed.

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