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RollcentreFerrari 458C Performance Upgrades:


Steel Brake Conversion        


Rear Wing      Wheels             Anti Roll Bar Kit             Front Wheel Arch & Gurneys  


Ducted Bonnet          Dampers and Springs            Drive Pegs               Radiators

Rollcentre Ferrari 458 Challenge Front Wheel Arches

Rollcentre have developed Front Wheel Arches that integrate with the standard bodywork. The arches are designed to extract as much air as possible from within the front wheel area. Air builds up here and the pressure increase prevents the splitter and venturis from working properly as the air cannot escape quickly. In effect, the air stalls and the underbody aero 'chokes' up. These arches pull air out from the top of the arch, and at the highest pressure area, the rear of the arch. They work with the Ferrai 458 inner wheel arches, though some cutting may be necessary.


Ducted Front Wheel Arches in Carbon Kevlar £1,900.00 (pair) Plus VAT



Rollcentre Ferrari 458 Front Wheel Arch Gurneys


As part of increasing the air flow under the splitter and venturis, as well as using the Rollcentre Wheel Arches we recommend our wheel arch gurneys. They are moulded to fit inside the wheel arch lip. They are extremely efficient at extracting air from within the wheel arch area, when that front tyre is acting like a spinning air pump!

Front Wheel Arch Gurneys in Carbon £360.00 Plus VAT

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