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RollcentreFerrari 458C Performance Upgrades:


Steel Brake Conversion        


Rear Wing      Wheels             Anti Roll Bar Kit             Front Wheel Arch & Gurneys  


Ducted Bonnet          Dampers and Springs            Drive Pegs               Radiators

Rollcentre Ferrari 458 Challenge Ducted Bonnet

Rollcentre have developed a ducted bonnet for increased downforce and cooling efficiency. The standard 458 ducts all of its radiator and brake exit air into the wheel arches. This is probably good for road use, and low drag, but it has the negative impact of filling the wheel arches up with hot air, slowing the exit air from under the splitter and flat floor, and therefore reducing the working efficiency of the splitter. The net result is less front grip!



We have designed a simple bonnet that has radiator ducts built into it, which butt up to radiator exit ducts that bolt to the radiators. We then have blanking panels that seal the radiator exits into the front of the wheel arches, so that all the air from the rads comes out of the top of the bonnet. We actually developed this before seeing that Ferrari have done the same thing with their GT3 car.


Ducted Bonnet and Radiators ducting £3,600.00 Plus Vat




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