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The home of Mosler race cars, and supporting Mosler MT900 road cars.

A sister company to Rollcentre Racing, Mosler Europe has been closed as a company, but Rollcentre are still able to look after these cars, with all parts, jigs, tooling and permissions to continue to maintain, or even build new race cars. 'Mosler Europe' in name,  is based at the same premisies in St.Ives Cambridgeshire England. 


We started with Mosler race cars in 2002, recognising what great potential the car had in GT racing, with a super lightweight chassis and a great engine, the Chevrolet LS6 V8. We imported a car from the USA after shaking hands with the owner, Warren Mosler, and started a great partnership which has lasted since then. Warren has now stopped making cars himself, and has rented out his premises, but we are still in operation here in the UK looking after Mosler cars around the world with Warrens approval.


The Mosler GT3 was developed here in 2007 and has been a very succesful race car (so succesful it was weighed down with lead, and ostracised from top line GT3 motorsport), and is still winning races, in GT Cup, Britcar, Supercar Challenge, V de V, and Spanish GT and is competing still as far away as Australia.


We developed a new spaceframe chassis with aero and chassis stiffness advantages over the GT3 car, called the Super GT, which has proven to be faster than the current GT3 cars.


We have a few new GT3 chassis in stock, and can builf Gt3, or Super GT cars to order.


We recently built a chassis based on the Super GT for a client who is fitting his own bodywork.





















We manufacture most parts for the Mosler race cars here, and its still fast, reliable when looked after, and incredibly cost effective. Light on tyres, with low engine gearbox and suspension maintenance, and relatively low cost on body parts etc compared to most cars with similar performance.


We also support road car owners, as a number were sold in Europe (and in the USA).


You can contact us at Rollcentre Racing, or feel free to call 0148046052


The Mosler Europe website is here

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