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RollcentreFerrari 458C Performance Upgrades:


Steel Brake Conversion        


Rear Wing      Wheels             Anti Roll Bar Kit             Front Wheel Arch & Gurneys  


Ducted Bonnet          Dampers and Springs            Drive Pegs               Radiators

Rollcentre Ferrari 458 Challenge Dampers and Spring Package

Rollcentre have developed with Intrax Racing a 4 way damper and spring packaged developed using the Multimatic 7 Post Rig facility in Thetford. The 458 has been tested throughly through all suspension frequencies on the 'shaker rig' ensuring a perfecr match for the car. They have been further track and race tested with excellent results. The car has less pitch and roll, a very smooth ride without moving around in an uncontrolled fashion like many damper packages, and the spring rates have been tuned to give the car great poise and balance.


The Intrax have built in thermal stability controls, and ARC (anti roll control) which helps keep the car very stable. The dampers are able to withstand big hits on kerbs, which are barely noticeable in the car. Excellent handling characteristics in both dry and wet conditions.

Complete Intrax 4 Way Dampers with Springs Kit


Euros 7000 + VAT

Prices shown do not include VAT or Carriage.

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