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RollcentreFerrari 458C Performance Upgrades:


Steel Brake Conversion        


Rear Wing      Wheels             Anti Roll Bar Kit             Front Wheel Arch & Gurneys  


Ducted Bonnet          Dampers and Springs            Drive Pegs               Radiators

Rollcentre Ferrari 458 Challenge Anti Roll Bar Kit

The standard anti-rollbars allow for a great amount of body roll, and camber change. The handling is significantly improved with stiffer bars, with better high speed direction change, improved braking into corners, faster mid speed cornering and less roll understeer and oversteer. Rollcentre Racing have developed a front and rear bar which replaces the standard bars. The bars are adjustable by using 'blades' so a full range of stiffness can be achieved just by rotating the blades.



Front Anti Roll Bar


50mm x 2mm T45.  Fitted with hardened steel 'cone' adjusters.


Front Bar Price Kit £1,273.00 Plus vat

Rear Anti Roll Bar


32mm x 2mm T45. Fitted with hardened steel 'cone' adjusters.


Rear Bar Kit Price £1,337.00 plus VAT

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and carriage.  For a quote on delivery please contact the office by phone or email

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