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We will be taking part in the European Le Mans Series with the Ginetta Juno LMP3. The cars are in build at the moment at the Ginetta factory. Its without doubt a tight schedule, brought about by delays in final specifications, but  we feel sure that the car is going to be worth the wait. There are as yet no other manufacturers able to build this car for the first race this season. Or indeed, probably most of the season.


Six Ginettas are being built for the first part of the season. There are a few seats available across those cars. We have 3 seats available, and are looking for the right combination of budgeted drivers to put together, either as 3. or 2 drivers, whilst being budget concious.


Please e mail us here for more details, and for the budget requirements.




Rollcentre Racing is a team formed by Martin Short in the early nineties. Martin cut his teeth in one make racing, from Rovers through to TVR Tuscans, and then started building GT cars with TVR, and then was responsible for building and racing Mosler GT cars.


Parallel to these enterprises, Rollcentre raced in the Le Mans Series from 2004 to 2008 inclusive. In 2004 we competed in the LMP1 class with our first race at Sebring where we finished 5th overall, and 4th in class, with 3 x Audis in front of us in our first ever LMP race. In the 24 Hours race that year at 6.30 am we were 4th overall before being removed from the circuit and the race after being crashed into by another competitor.


In 2005 Rollcentre ran 2 LMP's at Le Mans, and in the ELMS, and the car on the left here actually lead the 24 Hours overall briefly. That car is still with us, and is fully functional, and still makes the best noise with its Judd 4.0 litre V10.



In 2006 Rollcentre switched to the LMP2 class, in the new Radical. The plan was to try and win LMP2 outright rather than battle with Audi. The car was very fast, but desperately unreliable. We led just about every race, but fell so many times at the final hurdle with starter motor or wiring loom problems. It was very frustrating!

In 2007 Rollcentre went back to LMP1 with Pescarolo. The car was very well developed, with many posiums throught the season, and a wonderful 4th overall at the Le Mans 24 Hours. 2008 showed good results as well, but with the financial crash looming, and being sponsored by a bank, Rollcentre pulled out of the Le Mans arena, and have been waiting to get back there. The Ginetta LMP3 has given us the stimulus to go back!

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