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MOSLER  One man's vision...

Martin Short
Dale Paterson Motorsports
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"The MT 900 (along with the 100 Consuliers that preceded it from 1988-1992) was conceived by Warren Mosler to be the top performance sportscar manufactured to be US road-legal. The use of advanced composite construction for primary structure rather than steel or aluminium creates a road car both lighter in weight and higher in strength. The mid engine configuration optimizes weight distribution and the wide track/narrow cockpit design minimizes aerodynamic drag. The result is a superior, extreme performance vehicle that also delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and safety. Like the Consulier before it, the MT900 has succeeded in setting new performance standards of acceleration, braking, cornering, fuel efficiency, and safety by substantial margins.


The new Corvette engine was a critical component for this mission. Due to continuing, intensive development by General Motors of it's flagship line, this ultra high performance, fuel efficient aluminium power plant has the highest power to weight ratio available that is fully compliant with US EPA regulations. The cockpit was designed to provide more than sufficient space for the occupants to be comfortable, secure, and not crowded. The front and rear overhangs were designed to optimize aerodynamic performance within the practical requirements of car park and garage ramp angles. Side impact and rollover US DOT testing results revealed the MT900 to be safer than any vehicle yet tested by the Federal-approved laboratory concerned.The first 100 years of the automobile were about steel vehicles. The Consulier and now the MT900 are the first US road legal vehicles that use advanced composites for the primary structure, and they set the example for other manufacturers of the gains in performance, safety, and fuel economy made available by the intelligent application of today's technology.


Since 1985 Mosler Automotive has been utilizing advanced composite primary structure to deliver the highest performance US legal road cars. And from the beginning, these vehicles have also been successfully raced against other sports cars, including numerous pole positions and victories in both the shorter ‘sprint’ races and 24 hour races. In fact, the performance difference has most often been so great that the Mosler sports cars were banned from competition. This list includes the IMSA Supercar series, the Grand Am series, the 24 hours of Nelson Ledges, the 'One Lap of America,' and most recently FIA GT3, where homologation in their European Series has so far been denied. I invite you to become the owner of an MT900 and experience the unrivalled combination of extreme performance, fuel efficiency, and safety that is the future of mainstream automotive technology."


Campaigned tirelessly and with huge success around the world by Martin Short and many other racing drivers, the Mosler dominated so many series, as bit by bit, they were excluded for their success.  Rollcentre continues to be the UK home of the Mosler, supporting those loyal to brand and still updating and developing the Mosler MT900.  Warren Mosler sold the USA arm to Rossian Motors in 2012 and they are working on a new version of the Mosler which will sit along side their own brand. We look forward to hearing of more developments from them.  Visit our pages for the latest updates and more on the history of this iconic marque.











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