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RollcentreFerrari 458C Performance Upgrades:


Steel Brake Conversion        Front Bumper       Ferrari Front Floor      Front Splitter  


Rear Wing      Wheels             Anti Roll Bar Kit             Front Wheel Arch & Gurneys  


Ducted Bonnet          Dampers and Springs            Drive Pegs               Radiators

Rollcentre Ferrari 458 Challenge  Front Splitter Floor

Rollcentre have developed a Front Floor and Splitter to integrate with either the FF Corse bumper, or the standard Challenge Car bumper (two separate parts). Brake ducting is removed from the floor on the standard factory fitted floor and placed in a carbon panel into the front bumper. The floor is then completely utilised for the downforce (vacuum) generation rather than spoiling the air flow with the brake ducts robbing air. The floor is of carbon fibre construction and bolts in using the standard fittings. It also has extra counts to ensure rigidity. The Floor incorporates a lip to seal the air against the bumper, and incorporates a small splitter. This splitter integrates with the Rollcentre Big Splitter.



Front Bumper in Front Floor and Splitter for Standard Bumper £3,200.00  (includes brake duct kit)

Front Floor and Splitter for FF Corse Bumper £3,200.00 (includes brake duct kit)


All prices plus vat 

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