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Drives Available...

Mosler SuperGT

Rollcentre still have their super competitive Moslers available.


Short: " The Mosler Super GT is ready to go in Supercar Challenge and Britcar. Its the fastest Mosler in the world, and the most developed. I would love to find a partner to drive with me in either series. We also have my original Mosler that won the British GT Championship in 2003, Silverstone 24 Hours, and Dutch Supercar Challenge in 2008. It's still phenomenally fast, and will be available to either rent or sell.

Further information can be found in our GT Cup Race Report

​Toyota GT86

For Britcar and 24/48 hour races we have the Toyota GT86. Its available for rent, or for sale. Its a great little car, and can easily do 48 hours without a pad change!

Further information can be found in our Britcar 24Hr Race Report 


For more information on any of the above contact Martin Short for details on prices and hire charges. 

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